Rape Roleplay in Force Park

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Online virtual worlds are places where people engage in text chat or voice chat, while controlling their own "cartoon character" to represent themselves.  Users may have their characters be just like their real-life selves, but in many cases, they prefer to engage in fantasy roles and stories.  For instance, in various virtual worlds, it is very popular to have your character engage in group combat, killing, and wars.  Each user participates in the overall storyline voluntarily.  This interest in conflict stories also exists in sexual roleplay.  Many people in virtual worlds like to roleplay forced sex together.

In Second Life there is a roleplay island named Force Park.  The island includes areas such as "Cait's Basement" and "Kidnapper Warehouse" -- areas for people to locate other players who want to act out force stories with them.  In most cases, players will pair off only once, spontaneously making up the story together as they go, and stopping after sex is completed.  Frequently, other people nearby will contribute offhand comments to add "environment" to the story.

The following is text-chat that was overheard in Force Park.  The names have been changed to protect privacy.  The numbers are time-stamps.  Each person types their own dialogue or creative descriptions of the "action" as their characters perform the physical acts.  The text is accompanied by random photos of visitors in Force Park, Cait's Basement, and other areas.

Role-play is lots of fun. This site does not, however, condone rape in any form, and does not condone non-consensual sex in any way.  If you can’t differentiate between consensual adult sex games and rape, please see our Main Page and Information Section before reading any further.

Cornered & Mouth-Raped

13]   Erica: walks over slowly all the time feeling the tip of the knife ...shaking violently in apprehension
13]   Mark puts his hands against each wall trapping her into the corner
13]   Erica: faces the wall ...sees his hands appear either side of me
14]   Mark places his large hand around the back of her neck
14]   Mark: and slowly pushes her face against the bricks
14]   Mark moves his head to one side so she can't catch a glimpse of his face
14]   Erica: scrunches up my face as his cold hand presses my face into the corner
15]   Erica: please ...what do you want?? I have money
15]   Mark's free hand hand comes off the wall and runs down her ribs to her hip
16]   Mark: Money, you don't look like you carry a purse with enough cash to buy yourself out of this.
16]   Erica: ohhh god ..he can feel how badly i am shaking
16]   Erica: thinks ....someone's bound to come
16]   Mark's hand moves over her hip and down the side of her leg
17]   Erica: goosebumps appear in its wake
17]   Mark flicks the suspenders as they pass and his finger tips slide into her stocking tops
17]   Erica: turns slightly ...bending my knee inwards to avoid his touch
18]   Erica: yelps as it snaps against my flesh
18]   Mark's hand moves round and under her buttocks towards her inner thighs.
18]   Erica: presses myself forward hip bones against the brickwork
18]   Mark: 'oh such soft flesh', such white skin'
19]   Mark's hand moves between her thighs and closes around the inside top of her trembling leg.
19]   Erica: Ohh god!
19]   Mark's top of his index finger runs against the fabric of her knickers
20]   Erica: moans out loud ..scared of what he may have in mind for me
20]   Mark's thumb rolls over the crouch of her knickers and hooks inside the gusset.
21]   Mark's thumb pushes against her sphincter, rolling around the indent that's the entrance to her ass.
21]   Erica: Gasps out loud!! ..feels his thumb press against my asshole
22]   Erica: Oh Noooo! shit!!
22]   Mark's hand pushes hard up against her sex. 'Oh yes'
23]   Erica: Rises onto my tiptoes, feeling him cupping my cunt
23]   Erica: whimpering ...No ..nooooo
23]   Mark savours the feel of her flesh
24]   Mark: still pinning her head against the wall with one hand he reaches round for the blindfold in his back pocket.
24]   Erica: (the knife still :P)
24]   Erica: listens to him fumbling
24]   Mark: pinching her neck he brings the blindfold up to her eyes.
25]   Mark: 'put this on'
25]   Erica: looks at it ...dying to turn my head to see this animal of a man
25]   Erica: hurriedly puts it on too frightened to disobey
27]   Erica: (grrrr)
27]   (far away, a different scene) Woman shouts: HEY!... this guy's got his dick out in the middle of the street...
29]   Mark: with the blindfold in place her turns her
30]   Mark pulls the knife out again and puts the point to her throat
30]   Mark: and pokes her flesh so that a small dimple appears where the point meet her neck.
31]   Erica: Ohh shit ...Please Mister ...please don't hurt me ...my voice become shaky and eyes fill with tears
31]   Mark: 'put your arms out against the wall. Crucifixion style, and keep your palms pressed against the brickwork.
32]   Erica: feels the sharpness digging into me ...does as i am told exactly
32]   Mark: 'now you want to keep very still.'
32]   Mark: 'now spread you legs so your feet touch each wall.
33]   Erica: freezes ...can't stop shaking
33]   Erica: stands spreadeagled hands and feet touching either side
33]   Mark moves the knife from her neck and steps back to look her up and down, rubbing his cock as he feasts his eyes on the woman in white.
34]   Erica: sighs in relief as the knife moves away with him ....heart pounding in my chest, breathing irregular
34]   Erica: chest heaving
34]   Mark holds the knife like a dagger.
35]   Mark: point down and grasped in his hand he moves the point down to her chest
35]   Erica: see only blackness ...listening acutely for the slightest sounds
35]   Mark: and puts the point between her breasts and down the inside of her top
35]   Erica: ohhhhh ...feels the knife trace a path down my flesh
36]   Mark: at each fastener he pulls the blade towards him, cutting one fastener at a time
37]   Mark: each cut the top loses its grip on her body
37]   Erica: Gasps ....omg please don't
37]   Erica: grabbing at my tits to cover them
37]   Mark: down to the waist he cuts each fastener with slow deliberation
38]   Mark's hand stings as it makes contact with her face
39]   Mark puts the blade against her neck again and gives a small jab at her neck.
39]   Erica: screams ...head flies to one side banging against the wall ...Aaaaaghh!
40]   Mark: 'now let's not make that mistake again'
40]   Erica: lets my hands fall away and the top falls away to reveal my fleshy tits
40]   Mark: 'legs apart, hands against the wall facing me.
40]   Erica: tears begin to fall
40]   Erica: resumes the pose
41]   Mark pulls the blade from her throat and scrapes it against the wall, sharpening it as it grinds against the brickwork.
42]   Erica: jumps at the horrible noise ..."wha- what was that?? ...*moans* Oh god i'm so scared ...please don't hurt me Mister ...sobs ..pleassssse
42]   Mark: with great care he drags the point across her breast and circles her nipple
42]   Mark: first one breast and then the other
42]   Mark: all the time rubbing his cock through his pants
42]   Erica: gasps as i feel the deadly weapon on my tits
44]   Mark places the flat of the blade against her ribs and the edge of the blade touches the underside of her breast.
44]   Mark drags the blade across her breast and up to her neck
44]   Mark: under her chin the steel touches her throat
45]   Erica: shrinks back ..curving my shoulders so as to make my huge tits less
45]   Erica: ohhhhh .....still trembling from head to foot
45]   Mark moves it up trapping her against the wall with the blade by the neck.
46]   Erica: Please Mister!! NOOOOO!!
46]   Mark's hand leaves playing with his cock and wraps his fingers over the top of her knickers.
46]   Erica: My shrill scream piercing the still night air
46]   Mark: curling his hand into a fist he has the waistband in his grip
46]   Mark pulls upwards
47]   Mark pulls harder and watches as the knickers dig into her cunt
47]   Erica: Grimacing as the flimsy fabric cuts into my cuntlips ...burning between the lips ...rising to my toes once again
47]   Mark twists his and round, wrapping the knickers so tight that is a surprise they don't rip away
48]   Erica: ooooouuuchh!!
49]   Mark brings the knife down, between her flesh and her underwear
49]   Mark pulls the blade towards him and they are cut
50]   Mark's hand turns,
50]   Erica: presses my self hard against the wall ..praying for it to open up and swallow me
50]   Mark: the blade goes between her legs
50]   Mark: and he presses the cold steel against her cunt lips.
50]   Erica: Oh shit!!!
50]   Erica: back up on my toes ...feeling the cold steel rest against my naked shaved cunt
51]   Mark: 'now if I pull this blade away quick, you'll be a mess for any other man'
51]   Erica: Oh GOD!!!
52]   Erica: my heart speeds up even more ...Noooo ..i manage to squeak
52]   Mark: 'now I have your full attention' you're going to be pushed to your knees
53]   Mark: you're going to open your mouth
53]   Mark: and I'm going to fill your fucking mouth with my dick
53]   Mark: and I'm going to fuck your face so hard
53]   Erica: yes Sir ...bottom lip trembles showing that i'm very close to tears again
53]   Mark: you'er going to gag and gag and gag.
54]   Mark: now if you pull away. I'll slit that throat without a second thought.
54]   Mark: 'you can still get out of this if you're smart.
55]   Mark grabs her hair, keeping the blade between her legs and pressed against her cunt
56]   Mark moves her away from the wall and pulling down on her hair, getting her to her knees
56]   Erica: trying to prevent myself being cut as he tugs at my hair
56]   Mark: pushes her as she tries not to fall and yet get on her knees
57]   Mark: (Sit)
59]   Mark lines his cock against her mouth
59]   Mark: the end touches her lips
00]   Mark: and he moves it around just inside her mouth
00]   Erica: forced onto my knees i suddenly feel his cock playing around my full mouth
00]   Erica: my mouth open and ready for his worst
01]   Mark: the blade is moves round the back of her neck
01]   Mark pushes and her head pushes against the wall
02]   Mark: one hand holding her hair and the other holding the blade at the back of her neck
02]   Erica: feels myself maneuvered back till my head is touching the wall
02]   Mark: savours the moment
02]   Mark: his breath gets deeper
02]   Mark: his eye roll back
02]   Erica: terrified ..waiting for him ..mouth open as wide as possible
03]   Mark: his hand grips her hair tighter....
03]   Erica: yelps
03]   Mark: BANG BANG BANG, he drives his cock with all the force he can muster into her fucking open mouth
04]   Erica: Gaggggs hard ...head bashing hard on the wall as he withdraws before every violent thrust
04]   Mark can feel her head banging against the wall
05]   Mark's cock pushes hard against her gag reflex and his hands rip at her hair
05]   Erica: his cock slams against the entrance to my throat ...every time bruising it
05]   Mark: forcing his cock down and down into her
05]   Mark: hot warm and dribbling with pre-come and saliva
05]   Erica: gagging harder and harder ...drool begins to seep out ..tears fill my eyes
06]   Mark: her mouth dribbles as he FUCKING RAMS IT HOME
06]   Mark: again and again
06]   Mark: and again
06]   Erica: GgggMmGggFFfFfgg!!!
07]   Erica: head in such pain as it constantly smashes against the wall
07]   Erica: feeling his cock forced down my throat ...its stretches painfully to accommodate the sheer size
08]   Mark holds her head, his cock can feel the back of her throat and she's tight round his cock with her lips
09]   Mark: each thrust is punctuated with foul degrading cries
09]   Erica: feels him fuck into my throat ..throwing his whole weight into the pounding
09]   Mark: YOU
09]   Mark: FUCKING
09]   Mark: WHORE
09]   Mark: YOU
09]   Mark: FUCK
09]   Mark: HOLE
09]   Mark: .
09]   Mark: YOU
09]   Mark: COCK
09]   Mark: HUNGRY
09]   Mark: TART
09]   Mark: TAKE
09]   Mark: THAT
09]   Mark: BITCH
10]   Erica: Tears flow down my face ....drool in strings from my chin to my tits ...nipples and clit rock hard ...hating my cunt for responding to the assault
11]   Erica: gagging over and over as he fucks my cuntface
12]   Mark: 'you little cock sucking whore'
13]   Mark balls start to ache
13]   Mark: grabbing her and forcing his dick right down her throat
13]   Mark's head throws back
13]   Mark: hot come rushes up his cock
14]   Mark: and explodes deep down her throat.
14]   Erica: feels streams of hot spunk ....coughing and choking as he fills the hole
15]   Mark pulls his cock out of her mouth, spunk still shooting spray on her face
15]   Mark takes the blade from behind her neck
16]   Erica: pulls back as the unexpected cum hits my face
16]   Mark's fist stings as it makes contact with her blindfolded face
17]   Mark steps back and looks down on her
17]   Erica: Uuuugh!! feels the fist doesn't see it coming ...knocked sideways by the power of the blow
17]   Mark: face covered in spunk and drooling with spunk
18]   Erica: feels it dribbling down my face ...not daring to close my mouth
18]   Mark feels the thump as his boot makes contact with her cunt
19]   Erica: (Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!)
19]   Erica: Groans and rolls over onto my side ...knees to my chest
19]   Mark: Stay there, don't move.

[Lorelei's Note: At this point he walks away, leaving her huddled on the ground.  Later that hour, a woman is seen loitering near the sewer entrance.  Two men attempt to invite her into a scene; the second man is successful:] 

54]   Paul: can I help you Miss ?
54]   Sheila: no i am just trying to find my way
54]   Sheila: i will be ok
54]   Paul: alright, but be careful around here
54]   Sheila: thanks
55]   Paul: if you need help, I'll be in the warehouse there
55]   Sheila: thank you again

56]   Keith: have you seen a small dog run past here?
56]   Sheila: no
56]   Sheila: sorry
56]   Sheila: no dog
56]   Sheila: have not seen a dog
56]   Sheila: what does he look like
56]   Keith: damn - I keep chasing him in a circle - I need someone to keep him from doubling back on me
57]   Sheila: hmmm
57]   Keith: He's a small curly haired terrier - brown and white
57]   Sheila: well if i see a dog i will track you down
57]   Keith: he keeps running down those stairs and then when I get down he doubles into a room and slips behind
58]   Keith: mmm you wouldn't have a minute to help, would you?
58]   Sheila: want me to help you catch him
58]   Keith: I just need someone to stay down in the hallway down there to keep him from doubling back
58]   Sheila: ok
58]   Sheila: lead the way
58]   Keith: if you wouldn't mind, I'd appreciate it
59]   Keith runs down into the underground hallway

[Lorelei's note: The two go down into the sewers.  I briefly lose them, then find them in an underground room, where the man is just beginning the assault part of the roleplay:] 

00]   Keith steps forward and grabs your arms
00]   Sheila: no
01]   Sheila: what are you doing
01]   Keith: holding you tightly, I drag you with me
01]   Keith: I am repaying you for your kindness...
01]   Sheila: no
01]   Sheila: please
01]   Sheila: i must go
01]   Sheila: i can't
01]   Keith: /pushing you down to the floor
01]   Sheila: no
02]   Keith grabs hold again, holding you firm
02]   Sheila: let go
02]   Keith: pressing you back onto the bed
02]   Sheila: you're hurting me
02]   Keith: wrapping my hand in your hair, I drag you back
03]   Sheila: please
03]   Sheila: don't hurt me
03]   Sheila: i really must get going
03]   Keith: using the duct tape, I bind you to the bed
03]   Keith looks down at you...
04]   Keith: you are a pretty find ....

[Rest of text unrecorded] 

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