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I stood in the center of the room, nude.  My body was still slightly flushed from the hot water of the shower I'd just taken.  My hair was still damp, and I could smell faint traces of the floral scented shampoo that I favored.

I stood perfectly still, waiting.  In one hand I held several lengths of black linen.   I heard the door open
behind me and my body jerked slightly in surprise, before becoming still once more.   I didn't turn around. I didn't need to.  It was Him.

I heard Him moving behind me, coming closer.  I couldn't stop a small shiver as his hand brushed the hair away from the back of my neck, and he placed a small kiss there.  Not making a sound, he stepped around me and stood in front of me. 

He lifted one hand to cup my chin, lifting my face slightly  My eyes followed, and I smiled softly at Him.  He smiled in return, then lowered his lips to mine, gently kissing me. I forced myself to keep my lips motionless beneath his, knowing by now that not doing so was a mistake. I couldn't keep my breath from quickening however, and knew that he noticed when he pressed his lips firmer against mine, his tongue reaching out to quickly dart between them.

I forced myself to stand still, to keep my lips motionless beneath his. He lifted his head long enough to whisper, "Kiss me", and my mouth melted beneath his.  He quickly slid his tongue between my teeth, pushing deep into my mouth.  I sucked on it greedily, as he probed the wetness.

Too quickly, he stopped, lifting his head from mine and smiling at me. He held out his hand, and I handed Him the black linen strips.  Silently, I held my arms out in front of me.  He quickly tied a length of the linen tightly around each wrist.  Still silent, I lifted my arms into the air, towards a long metal rod suspended from the ceiling.  He made quick work of fastening each strip to small hooks attached to the rod, so that my arms were extended almost full length, about a yard apart.

He smiled at me once more, then brushed the palm of his hand down over my face, from forehead to chin, a signal to close my eyes.  I did so, and he quickly moved behind me, wrapping another length of the linen over my eyes and tying it tightly in the back of my head.

He stepped away, and I stood there, naked, stretched out before him.  I strained to hear any sounds of movement he might make, but the room was silent.  The waiting was eternal.  I felt my nipples stiffen as my mind raced through the endless possibilities of what he may do to me. 

Suddenly, with no warning, my right nipple felt as if it were on fire. I jerked against my bonds and cried out sharply.  The feeling got stronger, sharper ... and I realized it wasn't fire at all, it was ice. Wet, slippery, freezing ice that he was pressing firmly against my nipple.  The sensation was too strong, too intense, and I struggled uselessly against the cloth that bound me. 

Still, he held it there, silently, not moving.   My struggles and cries grew weaker and weaker, until I finally was able to stop completely, just an occasional sharp hitch of my breath betraying my fight to control myself.  And endless minute passed, then two ... both of us silent, both of us standing completely still.

Again with no warning, he pressed another piece of ice against my left nipple.  I couldn't hold back a scream, and started thrashing once more, squirming and gasping and trying to back away from his touch.  Futilely I jerked and pulled against the cloth, the tightness and sheer sensation on my nipples threatening to take me over entirely.

And again, he simply stood there, not speaking, pressing both pieces of ice firmly against me until with one last cry of frustration I stopped struggling.  Taking a deep ragged breath, I braced myself.  I could feel the ice begin to melt against the heat of my body.  I felt little trickles of water start to drip from my breasts, and when he moved his hands, taking away the ice, I could picture in my mind how my nipples looked to Him by now ... red and hard and impossibly tight.

Suddenly, both of his hands lifted.  I heard Him give a small "Mmmm" and knew that whatever he saw, pleased Him.  Both of my nipples still felt as if they were on fire, they were so hard, so tight.  I bit back a whimper of frustration as I heard Him step away from me again.

I strained to hear his movements, to give myself a clue as to what to expect next, but it was useless.  He never made a sound.  I jerked, just a little, when I felt something cool and hard and smooth press against my lips.  I obediently opened my mouth, and he pushed it further in.  I made myself stand still, not moving, until I heard him softly say, "Suck."

A quick exploration with my tongue told me that it was a huge vibrator that he'd fed me.  I eagerly started sucking it, imagining it was his cock instead.  My lips pulled and tugged, my tongue swirled and lapped, as he slowly began fucking my mouth with it.

Further and further he pushed it into my mouth, all the way to the back of my throat.  When my gag reflex threatened to take over, he put his hand on the back of my head, wrapping his fingers in my hair, and held me still.  He stood close enough so that I could feel his cock, rigid and swollen, against my leg, and I moaned around the vibrator as he pushed it even farther, down into my throat.

I sensed his free hand moving, and instantly I could see him in my mind's eye, stroking his cock while he fucked my mouth with the vibrator.  The image drove me wild, and I began sucking even harder, swallowing as much of it as he'd feed me ... lapping and sucking and slurping and moaning, the image of his cock filling my mind.

Again without warning, he pulled the vibrator from my mouth.  I couldn't bite back a growl of frustration, and heard him laugh softly.  I felt him move behind me, and my arms stretched even higher as he lifted the rod they were attached to, off of the hooks that suspended it from the ceiling.

He let go of the rod, and I lowered my arms, hands still attached firmly to it, about a foot apart.  He wrapped his hand in my hair again, and yanked down, hard ... and I sank to my knees before Him.  His hand still in my hair, I felt him move behind me again, and  let out a little squeal when he suddenly pushed me forward.  I wasn't expecting it, and didn't have much time to brace myself ... I ended up landing on my chest, with my face pressed against the carpet, my ass in the air.

I hadn't even caught my breath when I felt his hands on my ass, spreading my cheeks apart.  I fought to keep from whimpering out loud, because I knew then what he was about to do.  When I felt the vibrator press against my asshole, I shuddered and whispered, "No, please."  He replied, simply, "Yes" and began pushing it into my ass.

Lubed only by my own saliva, already drying by now, I felt the tip forced inside my asshole.  He held it there for just a moment, then pressed again ... and I felt my ass begin to open to him, to the vibrator, and I moaned loudly.  With a slow but steady pressure he pushed it all the way in, and I could feel myself give, feel my muscles begin to grip towards it instead of against it.  He kept pushing, twisting a little, until it was buried in my ass.  I felt stretched, full, and the thought of him seeing my ass greedily start to grab at it made me blush against the carpet.

"Ask me," he commanded. 

I stayed silent.  He gave the vibrator a sharp little twist, and I could feel it pulling against the skin.  "Ask me!" he said again, louder this time, and I moaned in response.

He sighed, loudly, heavily, and I could picture Him shaking his head at me.  The position of his hand on the vibrator changed, and I knew I'd run out of time.  Just as he started to pull it back out, I cried out.

"No!!  Please, fuck me!  Fuck my ass!" I cried.

"Not good enough", he said, starting to pull it out again. 

"Please!  Please fuck my ass HARD!" I practically sobbed, all pride gone for the moment.

In response, he gave a sharp jab with his wrist.  "Is that it?  Is that what you want?"

"God yes!!  Please, more!!" I cried out.

He began fucking me then, slowly at first ... the vibrator pushing in and out of my ass, and I moaned loudly with each stroke.  I tried to hold still, I really did ... I knew that I should, that he expected it ... but I couldn't stop myself from writhing and pushing back against him.  I heard Him give that damn soft, low laugh again, and cursed Him in my mind even as my lips begged Him for more, more ... please God MORE!

Relentlessly, he pounded against my ass, burying the vibrator to the hilt with each stroke.  Faster and faster, each stroke hard, slamming ... and when I felt his fingers brush against the hair of my pussy, I cried out even before his fingers zeroed instantly on my clit, lightly pinching and twisting it.

"Come for me!" he whispered harshly, his fingers tight on my clit, his other hand slamming the vibrator in and out of me.  I called out his name, loudly, sharply, as I started to cum ... my ass clenched tight around the vibrator, my pussy soaking his hand, and I bucked and I writhed and my body twisted into one endless spasm. 

I rode wave after wave, my body shuddering and heaving, his hands in me, on me ... stroking and probing and coaxing.  Finally my tremors began to slow, and I gave one last, long shudder as I felt Him pull the vibrator from my ass.

Still collapsed on the floor, my face against the carpet and my ass still high in the air, I smiled when I felt his hand on my ass, lightly stroking.  "Thank you," I whispered, and smiled when he gave my ass a quick, sharp smack.

"Don't think that you're done yet," he replied.  I shuddered again, wondering what could be next.

I stayed where I was, lying against the carpet, my breathing slowly returning to normal.  I could hear Him moving around the room, but even if I hadn't been lying like I was, the blindfold would have prevented me from seeing anything.  Suddenly, I felt his hands on me again, pushing my chest and head firmly against the carpet.  He kept one hand there, pinning me, and then I felt the other between my legs, spreading my lips.  I whimpered softly as I felt him push something deep inside me. I was so wet, it slid right in.  At the same instant, I heard a soft buzz and felt whatever it was start to throb inside me, and I knew it was a vibrating egg, one of my favorite toys.  I struggled to keep still, the egg pulsating deep inside me. 

Without warning, he pulled me to my knees.  He lifted the rod that my wrists were tied to, lifting it over my head.  My arms stretched out above me as he attached it to the hooks he'd lowered from the ceiling. I arched my back, trying to give myself some slack, and I heard Him laugh softly again. 

"I like that, " he said.  "Do it again."

I blushed as I understood what he was seeing, my breasts pushed out from my arched back.  I imagined how I must look to him, totally helpless, aroused, and his to use as he pleased.  I tried to bite back another whimper, still blushing furiously. 

I felt him move in front of me, and shivered as something cold and hard brushed the skin of my chest.  He teased me with it, drawing it slowly over both breasts.  He brushed my nipples with it, and they ached even more.  I felt his hands slide down my chest, and suddenly felt a sharp pinch on my left nipple.  Even as I cried out again, I felt another pinch on my right nipple.  I tried to lean back, away from the pinching, but felt my nipples being pulled again, and knew that he'd clamped me, the clamps connected to each other with a thin chain.

I shivered, hard, and felt myself get even wetter.    Then I felt his hand on my hair again, softly stroking.  I felt something brush against my face, and it took me a moment to realize that it was his cock.  His warm, hard, throbbing cock.

I gasped softly, and the hand in my hair pulled, hard.  "Quiet!" he said.  I pressed my lips together firmly, bracing myself to hold still. He explored my entire face with his cock, rubbing and stroking.  I couldn't keep myself from moaning, even with my lips pressed together. I wanted his cock, I wanted to taste it, to swallow it, more than I'd ever wanted anything before.  And I knew that he knew that as well.

He teased my mouth with it, sliding it between my closed lips.  "Open", he commanded, at the same instant turning up the egg a notch.  I gasped and  instantly obeyed, my tongue automatically sliding out of my mouth as he'd taught me.  I knelt there, nude, bound, his to use.  I felt myself blush again, knowing how wanton I must look, how eager, my tongue out, just waiting for his cock.

And oh, how I wanted it.  I wanted to taste it, to feel it deep in my mouth.  I wanted him to fill me with it, to fuck my mouth, to slam into me over and over.  I started to tremble slightly as my passion grew even more.  I started to whimper, unable to stop myself.  I thought I'd die if he didn't let me taste him soon.

And still he teased me.  He kept rubbing his cock over my face, even into my hair, but never on my waiting tongue.  I knelt there, trying to stay perfectly still, my body taut, waiting, needing to taste him.  He quickly brushed it off my my tongue just once, then pulled away instantly. 

I couldn't keep from moaning, I wanted him so badly.  I arched my tits out even more, feeling the chain brush against my skin as it swayed with my movement.  I pushed my tongue out farther, trying to tempt him, trying to show him how very badly I wanted him, how I wanted to taste him. 

I realized that my entire body had started to tremble.  The waiting, the wanting, it kept building inside of me, stronger and stronger.  Finally, he laid his cock on top of my tongue and left it there.  I whimpered again, loudly, cursing myself as I did.  God, how I wanted to taste him!

He started moving it over my tongue, with slow, gentle strokes.  Still teasing, but at least letting me taste him now.  He began rocking his hips, just a little, just enough to bring the tip almost into my mouth.  I forced myself to stay still, to not move a muscle.  I knew that I just had to wait, just a little longer. Just keep still and wait ...

With no warning, he sharply jerked the chain attached to my clamps.  I automatically arched my back away from him and cried out.  As soon as I did, he rammed his cock into my open mouth.  I gasped and spluttered as he immediately started fucking my face.  Hips pumping, still holding onto the clamp chain with one hand, the other wrapped tightly in my hair, he fucked me.

Moaning, I opened my mouth as wide as I could, wanting to taste more of him.  My tongue swirled and lapped him, my lips caressed and sucked him.  God, his cock tasted so good.  So big, so hard, throbbing and hot.  His hand tightened in my hair.  "What are you?" he demanded.

I groaned in response, and he pulled back on my hair.  "What are you?" he growled.  Gasping, his cock still deep in my mouth, I tried to answer, my words garbled.  "Gahhrrr mrrrrrr!"  He pulled his cock out of my mouth just far enough for me to talk, and jerking my head once more said, "Say it!"

"Your whore!" I cried out, my mouth opening for his cock again even as I said it. 

Shoving his cock back into my throat, he started pumping into me fast and furious.  His hand still tight in my hair, he said, "Yes, you are! Suck my cock, show me how much you want it!"

I sucked harder, faster, whimpering as I did.  I wanted more, God more, I wanted to feel him explode in my mouth.  I wanted to know that I could please him, that I could feed his passion even as he fed mine.   I wanted to know that I could satisfy him.  The harder he fucked me, the harder I sucked, wanting even more of him in my mouth.

The egg was still buried deep in my pussy, throbbing and driving me mad.  I felt myself closer and closer to the edge, and struggled to keep control.    Suddenly his hand in my hair twisted even tighter and he yanked hard on the clamp chain.  He started moaning, and I groaned in response.

I felt his cock twitch, hard, and and with one final thrust he started to pump cum into my waiting mouth.   I instantly started cumming with him, my body spasming and jerking against the bonds that still held me. I groaned even as I swallowed over and over, determined not to miss a single drop of him, loving the feeling of him filling my throat and my mouth, loving the taste of him.

Gradually my body started to slowed its twitching, and I felt him start to pull out of my mouth.  I whimpered softly, not wanting his cock to leave my mouth just yet, and I heard him laugh softly as he gently stroked my hair.  As he pulled it out I gave it one last, loving lick, making sure it was clean.  I positively beamed when I heard him softly say, "Mmm, good girl."

Quickly, he untied the strips binding my wrists, taking my wrists into his hands and rubbing them gently.  I smiled up at him, and without thinking dropped one hand to my face, to lift the blindfold.

He laughed again, still softly, and quickly caught my wrist again.  "No no, Darlin.  That stays there ... we're just getting started."