Biker's Bar

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Biker's Bar

I was lost and the car was running very low on gas.  Somehow I had to find a phone and give Amy a call.  Either she had given me the wrong directions to her house or I had taken a wrong turn somehow.  She told me that she was out in the country, but this was the absolute boonies.  As I drove slowly down the deserted road, I saw that there was a bar up ahead with a lot of trucks parked next to it.  Hopefully there would be a phone inside.  I parked my car, got out and adjusted my short tight red dress.  It was my birthday and Amy was having a party at her house at which she had invited some eligible bachelors to.  I wanted to look beautiful and sexy for them.   I threw my waist length black hair over my shoulders and walked into the bar.  

As soon as I went thru the door and walked several steps, I knew I had made a big mistake.   The bar was full of big burly men with tattoos, drinking from long necked beer bottles.  All conversation stopped and the men looked at me as if they had never seen a woman before.  For the first time in my life, I wished that I did not wear a size 38D, have a small waist, rounded hips, and rounded ass.  The men were looking at me like they wanted to rip the clothes from my body and I did not see another woman in the bar.  I turned around to walk quickly back out the door only to find it blocked by a big burly guy who was about 6'3.  I'm about 5'5 and had to look up high to see the leering, lustful look on his face.

"Leaving so soon?"  he folded his arms together and I saw his huge muscles ripple.

"I left something in the car"  I said, and made as if to take a step around him.

"You're not going anywhere, bitch."  he said and gave me a hard push so that I was in the center of the bar near the pool table.  "Rob, fix the table."

"Sure, Max".

I watched as another big burly guy got off a bar stool and fiddled with something underneath the pool table.  Near the end of the table where I was standing, the raised edge fell down and slid underneath the table making a totally flat surface.  I looked toward Max who was now walking toward me.  He had an almost empty long-necked beer bottle in his left hand.  He towered over me, smiled, and then said, "Get her clothes off and get her on the table."

I screamed, NO as 3 large men rushed at me.  One grabbed the front of my dress and ripped it off in one pull leaving me standing in my black front closure lace bra and lace panties.  2 other men pulled me up by the arms onto the pool table.  Once on the table my bra was roughly opened and pulled from me and my large breasts spilled out, the cold air in the room immediately turning my nipples hard.  Max walked to me, drained his beer bottle and ripped the panties from me with one hand.  He motioned to two guys who came, spread my legs, bent them at the knees and held them there.  There were two more guys at the top pinning my arms down and I could absolutely not move.

"I'm gonna teach you a lesson about driving in the dark to out of the way places,"  Max said and thrust the empty long-necked bottle into my pussy.

I moaned as he worked the bottle in out slowly, starting my juices flowing against my will.  He suddenly pulled the bottle out and I wanted to protest, but I came to my senses.  These men were using my body against my will!  I watched as he unzipped his pants and pulled out about 9 inches of THICK dick.  I started shaking my head immediately.  "Please!"  I cried.  "Don't fuck me with that, it's too big!"

He gave a wicked laugh, rubbed the head of his dick at my slick pussy entrance, then slammed into me with a force that sent the table backwards a little bit.  I cried out with the sheer force of the penetration.  He began to fuck me as hard and as deeply as I've never been fucked before.

"Let go of her legs"  he told the 2 guys at the end of the table.   They let go and he bent forward, lifting up my legs with his arms so that they ended up on both sides of his shoulders.  Then he fucked me like a wild animal.   I screamed and moaned and screamed some more.  The other men (about 8 of them) were taking great pleasure in seeing me fucked in this fashion.  They all had their dicks out and were rubbing them.

"Please, please stop,"  I moaned and he fucked me even harder and faster.   Unbelievably I felt myself moving toward orgasm.  How could that be?  I asked myself. 
Even as the answer came to me, I felt my insides exploding from sheer joy.  Max came as I did, shooting hot loads of juice into me.

"Now that I have you primed and ready, get ready to be fucked again."  Max moved away and another burly guy took his place, flipping me over, pulling me on my
knees and fucked me from the back. 

All of the men in the bar fucked me that night and when they were done, they covered me with a biker's jacket, put me in my car, which had been mysteriously filled up with gas and gave me directions to the main road. 

"The house that you're looking for his that way."  Max told me and winked.   "Happy Birthday, JoAnn."

I stared at his back as he walked away.  I would have to have a serious talk with Amy.