Against her will?

Not  for real for obvious reasons.

However, this small group of male tops specializes in fantasy domination scenes with couples or solo ladies.  If you are a couple, the male may participate but only as an active member of the group, not as a director.  You must be able to communicate your limits and needs as we are not mind readers.  Be assured however, we will push your limits as far as we can.  We consider it our obligation as  tops to help you grow so you may experience different levels of submission.

We are not interested in just S&M with severe pain and humiliation.  We prefer elaborate scenarios designed to play with your mind and build an unbelievable level of anticipation.  The session ending  only when you have reached the second orgasm beyond what you thought your body had in it.  To achieve this level of intensity, we have a wonderful collection of restraints and toys.  Our scenes may also include an Old English style dungeon.

Among the "against her will" scenes we have set up in the past include discreet and not so discreet, public fondling.  Ladies, imagine browsing through the racks of clothes in a department store.  The racks so close together you can barely pass another person without touching.  Men you have never seen before pass behind you and take advantage of the short skirt you're wearing.  Perhaps forced exhibitionism is more your game.  While out with the group for lunch or dinner, the buttons on your blouse or button front dress or skirt keep disappearing or the tie that holds your wrap skirt in place suddenly breaks.  The scenes are unlimited.

Perhaps an example of our imagination will help. A couple contacted us indicating her desire to have her husband "give" her to another man, with no safety controls.  One of her strongest fantasies was a gang  rape scene.  After  several discussions about this topic, it was discovered it was not really a rape she wanted but the desire to be dominated by several men at once with no "apparent" safety  (her husband present) to protect her from permanent injury.  Each man feeding off the other men's sexual excitement and energy, building to an almost uncontrollable frenzy with her being the only outlet for their sexual desires.  She wanted to be bound and given to these men and let them take her.  The following scene is what we came up with.

A representative from our group met with the husband, alone, so plans could be made without spoiling the surprise for his wife.  The scene was laid out for him and he felt it was exactly the sort of scene he had been trying to imagine for his wife for years.  He was to tell his wife that he had set up a scene for her to help met her fantasy of a mock rape scene.  They would be meeting a guy in a hotel and she would be given to him.  She was only told what she needed to know about the scene.

The rest of what I'll tell you about is what actually happened during the scene.  Keep in mind, she thought they were only going to meet one man.  I was the chosen man that would meet the couple at the selected local hotel.  The hotel was a suite that had a living room area and a bedroom and bath.  The day we were to meet, I contacted them at their hotel and spoke briefly with the lady to make sure she knew why we were going to be meeting.  She assured me she did and we set a time to meet.  The lady and her husband set up a video camera in the bedroom with a cable running out to the living room and connected to the TV.  This way he could sit in the living room and watch what was happening in the bedroom on the TV.  When I arrived, there was a brief introduction.  I asked the lady a few standard questions again making sure she knew why I was there.  I also had her sign our brief contract of submission that would show her intent and frame of mind.  We then began the scene.  The lady undressed except for her panties.  I locked a collar to her neck and then two wrist cuffs, one on each wrist.  The wrist cuffs were then locked to the collar.  A thin nylon strap was then looped around each arm just above each elbow and then the straps were secured behind her back.  The straps pulled her elbows back so she could not protect her breasts.  She was now helpless and very nervous.  The last thing I did to prepare her was tape the key to a set of handcuffs to her index finger.  Her husband gave her a hug, squeezed her breasts and then sat on the couch in the living room area.  I used duct tape and taped his ankles together and then handcuffed his hands behind his back.  The lady, watching intently,  now knew she had the key to the cuffs taped to her finger and her husband was helpless to assist her if she needed help.  She then realized, I could do anything I wanted and she could do nothing.  Before I took her into the bedroom, I blindfolded her and then used the duct tape to tape the blindfold in place to prevent it from slipping.  I turned t her husband and gave him a knowing wink.  I reached behind the lady and grabbed the waist of the thong panties she was still wearing and yanked it up giving her an incredible wedgie that made her raise up on her tip toes.  I marched her into the bedroom still holding onto her panties and pushed her on the bed.  I then made sure she could hear me close the bedroom door.  She knew she was now helpless in a room with a stranger she had never met, her husband was in the living room having to watch what was being done to her, unable to help her if she needed. 

AHHHHHH! What evil lurks in men's minds.  What she didn't know, before her husband sat on the couch, he had a second handcuff key in the palm of his hand plus I never secured the cuff to his wrists.  I just closed the cuffs making the noise like I had really cuffed him.  Nothing like a little slight of hand to make a believer out of the lady.  On the TV he could see me rip her panties off and start to tie her ankles together.  After I got her ankles tied, I roughly fingered her soaked pussy and then made her lick the juice from my fingers.  As planned, I laughed at her and told her how stupid she and her husband were for trusting me, reminding her he could only watch me do what ever I wanted.  I commented on her beauty and how much I was going to enjoy forcing her to do the most disgusting things she could imagine.  She started to protest and I grabbed her hair and pinned her head back against the bed.  I told her if she protested again or made any sound other than what I asked for, she would be severely punished.  I told her I could not believe my good fortune and I just had to share her with some friends.  Of course she had no idea this was all a set up for her benefit.  By her expression and body language I could tell she thought she was in some very serious trouble.  I picked up the phone and dialed the cell phone of the other guy who was waiting in the parking lot.  A second phone call was faked and a "third" guy was invited to come join in the fun.  Of course, her husband was the third guy but the lady would have no idea.  When the other man arrived, the three of us waited in the living room for a short time, watching the lady's reaction through the video camera in the bedroom connected to the TV.  She was trying to get the blindfold off but could not quite reach up high enough to do any real damage to the duct tape that held the blindfold in place.  Once her husband went over the ground rules with us for the final time, he then told us all the things he knew she hated to have done to her.  We all three entered the bedroom.  She had no idea her husband was one of the men.  He never spoke during the entire session.  The three of us had our way with the lady for almost four hours.  Of course we made her do all the things her husband knew she hated and we made her thank us for allowing her to perform each act.  She was so scared, she would have done absolutely anything because she really thought she had to do what she was asked  in order to get through the ordeal without harm.

When we were through, and I mean WE were through, her husband sat next to her on the bed and carefully took the blindfold off.  The look on her face when she saw it was her husband and that he was really there all the time to protect her was one of relief and anger all at once.  She could not make up her mind to be pissed or thankful.  After the initial shock wore of, she finally admitted to her husband that all the things that had been done to her was really what she had always wanted him to force her to do anyway.  As we were leaving, the couple were wrapped in each others arms oblivious to our departure. ~~~ 

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